In case you haven't noticed, I love Celtic Knots.  I am using one here to demonstrate a transparent background.
Example of a Non-Transparent Icon
Without Transparency
Example of a Transparent Icon
With Transparency
To make the background transparent I chose "Colors | Set Palette Transparency" then I chose the following setting in the dialog box.
Dialog Box
I then clicked on OK and saved as a GIF file.

In choosing my background color "White" as the transparent color PSP tells the Web Browser not to "see" that color.

My original photo with the selection outlined
Lici Selection
With a lot of sculpting and a little hairdressing skill...
Lici Floating
...I can make my granddaughter float on the page!

I really enjoyed this one!

Below is my original image, on the left, and on the right, is the same image with the area I selected filled with my "Transparent" color
Original Bee Puzzle Bee Puzzle w/Selection
OK... who took the piece outta the middle of my puzzle? ;o}
Bee Puzzle w/piece Missing
Jade Bar

Below are two examples of the same animation file made in PSP's Animation Shop.  They both started with "Image Transition ~ Rotate Colors".  The difference between them was how they were "Optimized" while saving the file.  The button on the left was optimized with 256 colors and a browser-safe palette.  Colors were mapped to palette closest to the nearest color.  This resulted in a file size with the grand total of 56K.  The button on the right was optimized containing 32 colors and no local palettes. Generated palette by median cut and mapped colors to palette using error diffusion at only 9K!!!

PSP Random PSP Rainbow

Highlight Text Transition
The above animation was made using the "Text Transition" option "Highlight" in PSP's Animation Shop

My next animation was very simple to make

I used the "Animation Wizard" to add 25 copies of the same ball after rotating each one 15 degrees
Keya's Spinning Ball

Originally I made this "HUG" for my daughter.  I used the "Animation Wizard" again adding several of the same images over & over in different colors.  Then I adjusted the display time for some of the images.

A Hug for Moon Haven

With the following settings...

Standard settings selected, level 2
Optimizing for Animated GIF output
Optimized output will create a new animation
Write minimal frames
Use transparency for better compression

Optimized image will contain 64 colors
No local palettes will be used
Generate palette by Octree
Map colors to palette via nearest color

All non-visible elements removed...

I was able to keep the file size fairly small @ 23KB
Jade Bar
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I just gotta see this kid's Extra Credit Page!

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