Effects and Image Editing

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Magic Wand

Original Image

Here's Audrey with a bad case of "Red Eye".  After zooming in on the area I wanted to work on, I used the "Magic Wand" to select her eyes.  I wanted to have only part of the eye selected so I adjusted the tolerance to 24, allowing several shades of color to be included.

Edited Image

Next I used "Color | Adjust | Red/Green/Blue", and set Red -71, Green -50 and Blue -10.  Doing this allows "re-mixing" of the colors so Audrey's eyes are now a more natural color.  Next I used the "Magic Wand" again to select the "whites" of Audrey's eyes.  Using the "Fill" tool set at "Sunburst" with just the right shades of gray I was able to help Audrey's eyes have even a more natural look.

Clone Brush

Original Image

I started with the image to the left. The first thing I did was to crop off some of the unnecessary space at the top of the image.

Edited Image

Then, I used the "Clone" brush to cover the sun spot on the carpet near the left side of the blanket and the unwanted parts of the background.

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Image Resizing

Original Image

Original Image @ 187 X 200

Original Image

Original Image cropped to show only the Yellowbell @ 94 X 86

Resized Image

Same Image resized to 94 X 101 Resize Type: Smart Size

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This is my original image

~Old Faithful Geyser~

Original Image ~ No Deformation

For the wind blown effect I used the "Wind" deformation with the strength set at 20 from the right

Old Faithful on a very windy day!
For this deformation I used Perspective-Vertical Difference
set at - 100%
To make my point perfectly clear!

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Native Paint Shop Pro Filters

Using the original image of Old Faithful, I applied several of the built in filters.

What looks like someone threw a handful of confetti in front of the camera lense is actually the Noise filter set at 31% Random

Party Time

This effect of what I see when looking at Old Faithful without my glasses, was achieved using the Gaussian Blur filter set at 3.5


I call this one "Geyser Cubed" which is actually the Mosaic filter set at Block Height and Width 10

Mosaic Geyser

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Special Effects

New Image 100X100 filled
with wood pattern


Buttonize set with transparent edge and edge size 30%


Cutout set with Shadow:  Black
Opacity:  100 and Blur:  16
Vertical and Horizontal:  2


Drop Shadow set with
Foreground Color:  #D88B58
Opacity:  100 and Blur:  2
Vertical and Horizontal:  2


For the outline around the frame opening, I used Chisel with the following settings:
Transparent border
Chisel size:  3


Add text with same cutout and drop shadow, save and enjoy!


Here are a few other buttons I made using PSP Special Effects

Cutout - Drop Shadow w/ Filled Text Chisel - Drop Shadow Cutout - Drop Shadow

  • The Home Page button was made on a Buttonized image with a Filled Cutout section.  Then Text was applied also with a Cutout and Drop Shadow.

  • The Email button was made on the same Buttonized image using the Chisel effect on the Text.  The Text also has a Drop Shadow effect, first using positive numbers for the horizontal and vertical settings, then a negitive number.

  • The Home button was made, again, with the same Buttonized image and with Cutout and Drop Shadowed Non-Filled Text.

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