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February 22, 2005:
Added new web album - Canyon in Winter

October 6, 2004:
Added new web album - A Walk in the Park

September 7, 2004:
Added 21 pages of new original OMSDS Super Blade Pro Presets.

November 25, 2003:
We've had a lot of requests for linking logos lately so we've created a
"Link to OMSDS" page.

August 16, 2003:
Added 10 pages of new original OMSDS Super Blade Pro Presets.

March 25, 2003:
Added Country Backgroud Tiles found at the Goodies Studio.  Added Web Albums found at the Gallery Studio.

January 23, 2002:
Added 17 pages, for a total of 136, new original OMSDS Super Blade Pro Presets.

January 9, 2002:
OMSDS has become an affiliate with Yellowstone.net & ParkReservations.com.  If you are planning a vacation to one of the National Parks, check HERE for reservations.

January 1, 2002:

A new Linkware E-VISION and three new pages of Super Blade Pro presest have been added and can be found at the Goodies Studio.

The LVS Assignment pages have been updated to include the latest completed classes, also located at the Goodies Studio.

October 25, 2001:
New tutorial added: CUTOUT CELTIC KNOTS

Linkware E-VISIONS Web Sets added to the Goodies Studio.

October 16, 2001:
Updated LVS Class assignment pages at the Gallery Studio.

July 18, 2001:
The technicians at our list service have been diligently working to rebuild their service and repair the damage to their equipment due to the lightning strikes.  We have been notified that our Newsletter is back online and we will soon be adding all current members back to our list.

July 12, 2001:
Updated Woodcut Tutorial, now includes instructions for v.6 & 7

July 8, 2001:
Received news that the service hosting our new Newsletter list was victim to catastrophic hardware failure due to lightning strikes sometime during the weekend of July 7th and 8th.

July 8, 2001:
New tutorial added:  Stone Carved Gothic Caps

June 24, 2001:
Started new OMSDS News & Update Newsletter list after receiving notice from ListBot that they were discontinuing their free list service.

June 23, 2001:
LVS PSP7 Vector Class assignment pages added to the Gallery Studio.

May 7, 2001:
New area added to OMSDS, GOODIES.  Blade Pro presets are now available there.
Web Sets and Backgrounds coming soon.

April 17, 2001:
Added 48 new original OMSDS Super Blade Pro Presets

March 9, 2001:
Added 40 new original OMSDS Super Blade Pro Presets

February 4, 2001:
Opened a new section to the gallery "Terragen Studio"

January 30, 2001:
Added 26 new original OMSDS Super Blade Pro Presets

January 28, 2001:
OuttaMyShell Digital Studios moved to it's new home.

January 18, 2001:
OuttaMyShell Digital Studios has it's own domain! http:///www.omsds.com

January 16, 2001:
New form for Lockergnome Subscription added to the Accolades page.

November 5, 2000:
Keya's first original alpha font "Kimono" a hairline monospaced 6-family font pack made it's first appearance at: The L'ab

This font is also available in True Type, Postscript & Mac formats.

October 9, 2000:
Keya's first original Dingbat has been debuted at The L'ab

227 great kaleidoscope dings in one font.  Available in True Type, Postscript & Mac formats.

October 9, 2000:
Added 50 new original OMSDS Super Blade Pro Presets

September 16, 2000:
Stained Glass Project added to the tutorial section

June 25, 2000:
Added 109 new original OMSDS Blade Pro Presets

June 6, 2000:
OMSDS gets a face lift.

April 2, 2000:
Added PSP conversion chart

March 13, 2000:
Jacob Jedediah joined the OuttaMyShell Digital Studios graphic design team.

Jacob is a welcome addition to our growing business.

Welcome to OMSDS Jacob!

Feburary 28, 2000:        Flaming 
		 Pear ~ Blade Pro
Blade Pro Presets section added.

January 12, 2000:
Notron Multi Unzip Tutorial added

December 5, 1999:
Woodcut Tutorial added

June 1999:
ZDU PSP Class Homework pages added.

December, 1998:
Opened 5th Power Class Example pages.

September 1998:
Moved OMSDS to 5th Power