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The first collection of stories Stephen King has published since Nightmares & Dreamscapes nine years ago, Everything's Eventual includes one 0. Henry Prize winner, two other award winners, four stories published by The New Yorker, and Riding the Bullet, King's original e- book, which attracted over half a million online readers and became the most famous short story of the decade.
Copyright 2002 - Simon & Schuster Inc.

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Douglas Clegg is the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award winning author of more than a dozen novels, including the Internet's first publisher- sponsored e-serial novel, Naomi.  Under a pseudonym, Clegg wrote the bestseller Bad Karma, which will be out in 2001 as a movie starring the British actress, Patsy Kensit.  His ebook, Purity, has reached over 100,000 readers on the Internet.  His current print fiction includes You Come When I Call You, Mischief, and The Infinite.  You Come When I Call You is also available in Rocket eBook format.
Copyright Dorchester Publishing, NY

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H a u n t  Y o u r s e l f


Here are the confessions of a vampire.  Hypnotic, shocking, and chilling erotic, this is a novel of mesmerizing beauty and astonishing force--a story of danger and flight, of love and loss, of suspense and resolution, and the extraordinary power of the senses.  It is a nove only Anne Rice could write.

SENSATIONAL AND FANTASTIC... Woven with uncanny magic... Hypnotically poetic in tone, rich in sensory imagery, and dance with the darkness that lies behind the veil of human thought.   Copyright - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

SENSUOUS, THRILLING, WONDERFUL!   Copyright - Houston Chronicle

A MASTERFUL SUSPENSE STORY [that] plumbs the deepest recesses of human sensuality... from the beginning we are seduced, hypnotized by the voice of the vampire. Copyright - Chicago Tribune

EXCITEMENT AND HORROR! Copyright - Kansas City Star

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Poppy Z. Brite combines the sensibilities of a poet with the unflinching eye of a surgeon... Not merely a rising literary star, she is a full-fledged supernova who may well banish paler constellations and make us all to fond of the night... This young writer takes us to places few will have the courage to visit and none would dare tour alone.  Brite's vision is disturbingly dark, deliciously erotic, sweetly savage, and uniquely her own. Copyright - Dan Simmons

If there is a novelist capturing the dark literary decadence of this waning millennium, that sorcerous poet is Poppy Z. Brite... I can think of few other fantasists who so danerously evoke the sensual allure of pure evil. Copyright - Edward Bryant, Locus

Brite creates a convincing, evocative atmosphere in which youthful alienation meets gothic horror... Lost Souls will surely be devoured by genre aficionados. Copyright - Publishers Weekly

The strengths of Lost Souls are evident from the start.  Brite has a mastery of atmosphere and setting... her prose borders on the poetic, her dialogue rings of authenticity, giving a satisfying blend of surrealistic description and gritty realism. Copyright - Today Newspapers

With its rich tapestries of decadence and forays into subculture, Lost Souls does infinitely more than infuse fresh life into the vampire theme.  It also heralds the emergence of an author of immense talent, whose arrival should be rejoiced. Copyright - Brian Hodge, author of "The Darker Saints"

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