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OMS Blade Pro Presets are considered CareWare.  If you like and wish to use the presets found on this site all I ask is that you share a smile with someone who needs one.  Smiles are like a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dark and unhappy existence.  Shed a little light along the way.

Although these presets are CareWare, please observe the following Terms of Use:

Do NOT rename or redistribute these presets or the applicable bitmap files on your own or to any electronic system, web site or bbs nor include in any compact disk (cd-rom) or collection of any type without my written permission.  Please help stamp out Copyright Infringement.

You MAY, pass it along to a friend via email PROVIDED, you include the text file included in each zip file.  You are free to use these presets for the creation of graphics for personal and/or commercial use without a link back.  However, if you feel you would like to give credit, please link to:


OuttaMyShell Digital Studios

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You MAY use this preset to create any type of web graphics for sale or personal use PROVIDED, they are NOT used in any way on any adult site, for pornography, or for animal cruelty, or on any web sight that promotes hatred of any kind towards a group or individual.

OuttaMyShell Digital Studios is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of these presets.

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